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Violist |  Composer  |  Audio Engineer

Ti Wen Hsu

From Taipei, Taiwan.

Based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Ti Wen began studying classical music at a young age. More recently her focus is on recorded, collected, sampled, and blended the street sounds with electronic and acoustic instrument. Furthermore, She is also actively engaged in live experimental interactive music performances.

Live Performances Video

During Taiwan's White Terror era, although born in a "democratic" country, the experiences of the Taiwanese people were as painful as drowning. To control the thoughts of the people during this period, the government produced many patriotic songs that were anti-Communist. For those who suffered during the White Terror, these songs were a voice that opened up their trauma. Trauma will not completely heal, but it may be forgotten. However, these patriotic songs may trigger the fear of victims. In my work, I paired a haunting melody by viola with four different patriotic songs, and added some signal sounds. Also edited a video, hoping to use visual impact to bring people deeper into the pain of the Taiwanese people during that time. The video includes footage from military parades, news reports from the White Terror era, some archival photos, the patriotic film "Cold Current," and movie clips related to the White Terror period.

Trauma and Patriotic Songs

When I first came to New York, I brought a BMX bike with me, intending to ride it around the city. However, I soon realized that my legs couldn't handle it, and I only rode it about five times before it ended up parked in the backyard shed for a whole year. One afternoon, I stumbled upon a video of Frank Zappa performing an art piece with a bicycle and a cello bow, which reminded me of the bike I had once been so determined.

SeeTi Bike

People in America frequently use Chinese take-out boxes and fortune cookies as symbols of Asian culture. These things are actually extremely uncommon and have never been seen in Asia. For asian these items are "Eastern Aesthetics" in our eyes but with Western colors. This performance is an experimental music performance, I hope to interpret “American’s Chinese culture" in a humorous way. “Fried rice” is definitely one of the indispensable cultures. The clothes I wear are printed with Chinese words "Love, Peaceful, Happinesses" that I bought at the thirty store in Bushwick. My American friend borrowed the "Chinese-style tea cup" to me. Secretly told you that cup in Taiwan, is kind of cup usually appears on the table for worshiping ancestors instead of our dining table. I performed this performance in a "full of Chinese culture" visual way. I hope to present everyone's misunderstanding of Asian culture in a humorous way.

Chef Ti